30 Covers in 30 Days

The 30 Covers in 30 Days design-a-thon, organized by John Gall, Art Director at Vintage as part of National Novel Writing Month is underway. 30 Designers will create book covers based on 30 stories being entered in the NaNoWriMo challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in just one month. Last year’s collection of covers were amazing and created by some of my most favorite designers. This year’s line-up is equally stellar and I’m honored to be included in the list.

Here’s my cover:


Here’s the synopsis from author T.E. Clipper:

The first time Zee Khalil saw a mermaid scalp for sale, she was ten. Six years later, the mermaid tourist trade is the only thing standing between her small fishing town and subsumption into one of its larger neighbors. Though the town has received some negative press, Zee’s never seen a problem- mermaids are legal prey, and traps have come a long way since the first mermaids were netted. She should know, after all; her dad was one of the first fishermen to adopt and promote the new humane policies.

Then his body washes up on shore, wrapped carefully in mermaid hair. All of a sudden, the town is flooded with big city reporters and the governor’s being pressured to shut them down. Someone’s not following the rules. And Zee plans on finding out who.

See the other 30 covers as they are released here.

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